Mobile devices can be exploited by malicious applications, or malware, to compromise user information and exploit implicit trust in the mobile devices. Often mobile devices are insecure because their underlying mobile operating systems are vulnerable.

V-Key ensures the integrity of customers’ and employees’ mobile devices, applications, and networks by securing the user’s sensitive information and transactions even if the mobile device itself is lost or compromised. How?

V-Key implements a secure sandbox with multi-layered security mechanisms to secure the application from both hackers and trojans. Furthermore, V-Key performs sensitive processing and cryptographic operations providing a trusted platform for mobile integrity checks, as well as cryptographic keys and data to be processed and stored in the application. So even if an attacker has control of the underlying software environment they cannot attack the mobile application itself. A tamper-proof virtual layer provides mechanisms to protect the application from both hackers and trojans. The mechanisms include binary code morphing, anti-reverse engineering, trojan detection mechanisms, and device checks, as well as techniques to respond to attempted tampering when detected. This allows mobile applications to secure their data and safeguard their users’ privacy. Should an attacker gain control of the underlying software environment, they are still unable to steal information from the application or user.

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