At a glance:

V-Key in just 5 minutes

The full details of everything we do can take a long time to get through. But if you only have a few minutes to learn about us, might we suggest this highly condensed summary?

  • More and more people are using smartphones

    For mobile banking, to make cloud-based mobile payments, to access government services and to work remotely.

  • But smartphones aren't very secure

    Today’s standard cybersecurity measures (such as passwords) are vulnerable to intrusion, leaving sensitive personal and corporate data at risk.

  • Hardware-based solutions are secure, but...

    Security tokens, for example, are costly to implement and inconvenient for users to carry around.

  • SMS-based passwords aren't ideal, either

    They are costly, unreliable and difficult to use, especially by users with limited digital knowledge.

  • Secure, easy-to-use, mobile-based biometric security solutions are not ubiquitous

    They are restricted to a very small number of very high-end devices, which few can afford.

  • Enter V-Key: We created V-OS, the world's first virtual secure element

    Essentially a hardware security token in virtual form, patented, and FIPS 140-2 and IMDA certified.

  • It works within the app on any smartphone

    Making cutting-edge mobile security accessible to anyone who has a smartphone.

  • It is highly convenient

    Since most users are rarely without their smartphones, it removes the need for additional hardware tokens.

  • ... and easy to use

    It offers the option of password-based or biometric security access.

  • It can be distributed, managed and updated quickly

    And at a fraction of the cost of hardware solutions.

  • It has been recognized by leading cybersecurity experts and organizations around the world

    And has not been broken in 9 security penetration tests.

  • We are providing our mobile security solutions to banks, governments and enterprises around the world

    And we’re poised to completely replace traditional security solutions in the future.

  • So that's us in a nutshell

    if you’d like more details, please browse our site or – better yet – drop us a line!