Paidy selects V-Key to secure its App-based instant post-pay credit service for Japanese Consumers

Singapore, 13 November, 2018 –

As Paidy’s instant post-pay credit service expands to accommodate bigger merchants, offline payment transactions and new value-added financial services, allaying current and new consumers’ security concerns remain of paramount importance.

With both eyes focused on the future, consumer payment growth trends for in-store, e-commerce and in-app transactions are set to become more inter-mixed and exponential growth of transactions are set to rise accordingly to a wide range of expert sources. Paidy expects their customer base to exceed 11,000,000 accounts by 2020 thus selecting the best-in-class security partner makes perfect sense to facilitate smoother digital consumer shopping experience.

Established in 2011, V-Key’s Virtual Operating System (V-OS) helps ensure that users’ sensitive information and transactions remain secured, virtually on any mobile device. V-OS uses advanced cryptographic and cybersecurity protections and complies with standards previously reserved only for expensive hardware solutions. V-OS enables powerful customer experiences that combine high security and ease of use.

Paidy’s Chief Technology Officer, Houston Ross said:
"As Paidy expands our consumer payment offerings and merchant touchpoints, ensuring a fast and seamless payment experience remains a clear business growth driver. Selecting a secure and highly functional mobile application security product as we have found in V-Key, gives our team the confidence that we are future-proofing our mobile strategy and ensuring consumer data integrity."


 “V-Key has quietly been working behind the scenes with a number of banks regionally deploying our technology in a number of innovative ways to secure digital identities. We have delivered a trust platform and hope that this fortifies the Paidy Payment App to engender consumer confidence, facilitate greater mobile payment adoption, and herald new financial services for their consumers.”
Joseph Gan, Co-founder and President of V-Key




V-Key is a global leader in software-based digital security. V-Key’s pioneering mobile technology powers ultra-high-security solutions for mobile identity, authentication, authorization, and payments for major banks, payment gateways, and government agencies.
V-Key is the inventor of V-OS, the world’s first virtual secure element that uses advanced cryptographic and cybersecurity protections to comply with standards previously reserved only for expensive hardware solutions.

V-OS enables digital leaders to create powerful customer experiences that combine high security and delightful convenience. V-OS is FIPS 140-2 Validated (US NIST), is currently undergoing Common Criteria certification, and is an SG:D Accredited company under the Infocomm Media Development Authority of Singapore (IMDA). V-OS has been the subject of multiple rigorous penetration tests and has been stress tested by e-commerce players, government agencies, regulatory bodies and financial services companies.



Paidy was founded with the mission to create a world of “We remove the barriers, embrace simplicity”, offering its real-time monthly consolidated credit service all across Japan. Paidy started Japan’s first instant post-pay credit service for ecommerce consumers in October 2014. Paidy has proved a powerful means of persuading first time buyers to transact online. Its proprietary models and machine learning mean that transactions are underwritten in seconds, with guaranteed payment to merchants. Paidy increases merchant revenues by reducing incomplete transactions, increasing conversion rates, boosting average order values, and facilitating easy repeat buying.