The Management Team:

William Lim - Business Development Director


William has more than 20 years’ experience in the IT and Financial Services Industry. He started at Andersen Consulting, where he developed large enterprise applications for global companies in SEA. He then moved on to Deutsche Bank, where he was responsible for building many of their IT application teams including the Intranet, Cash Management, and E-Commerce teams.

William left the corporate word for a time to form his own start-up, before returning as the Chief Information Officer of a regional brokerage in mid-2000. He then assumed the role of Head of Gaming Solutions to start up the operations for an online gaming company. Subsequently William took up the role of Regional Director for APAC at GigaSpaces Technologies (an in-memory-data-grid and cloud computing company) and Adaptive Computing (a high-performance computing technology company) before joining V-Key.