V-Key Smart Authenticator 3.0

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V-Key Smart Authenticator 3.0 – Passwordless One-tap Authentication for Enterprises, 2FA, VPN and more! Experience military-grade security on multiple platforms, for every scenario.

Enterprise-grade Multi-Factor Authentication in 3 Easy Steps


Businesses, like relationships, are built on trust. Are your employees working remotely? Do you have a large number of users who need to access your app or system? With organizations moving towards multi-factor authentication (MFA), a simple password is just not enough. Unfortunately, SMS OTPs have been proven insecure, being vulnerable to interception and phishing attacks. Hardware tokens are expensive to deploy, can get lost or stolen, are not user-friendly, and require regular replacement. The V-Key authenticator provides strong and flexible, yet less expensive multi-factor authentication using a mobile authenticator that is ideal for small and medium sized businesses.

The V-Key Smart Authenticator supports many enterprise apps, systems and VPNs such as:


Enable Passwordless Authentication for your VPN



Is the V-Key app available on Android and iOS?
What is V-Key Smart Authenticator?
Absolutely. You may download the app by clicking on the links here.V-Key Smart Authenticator is a built-in two-factor authentication (2FA) service that enables enterprises to protect their internal services like VPN and Office 365 easily.
How can I enable my V-Key Smart Authenticator?
Can V-Key Smart Authenticator support multiple               softwares within the organisation?
You can start by simply signing up for any plans here.Definitely. You can use V-Key Smart Authenticator for all your authentication needs as it can be configured for different use-cases.
Can I install V-Key Smart Authenticator on the                           enterprise’s on-premise environment?
Onboarding and add new users?
Yes, V-Key Smart Authenticator provides gateway connectors that can be installed and deployed in the enterprise’s internal network that can be connected to V-Key Smart Authenticator to provide solutions in both hybrid or single-point mode.Easily scalable to your organization’s needs, from one to infinity! It is easy for users to onboard to our authenticator.



Are free authenticators really free? The V-Key Smart Authenticator: ONE authenticator to rule them all

No more switching of authenticators to verify your identity for different apps. See how we compare with other mobile authenticators.

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