V-OS App Protection

Get real time intelligence on your mobile attack surface, complete with threat data, incident management, responses, and policy management.

V-OS App Protection was created as a versatile solution to ensure both security and convenience to enterprise end-users.

Built on top of V-Key’s patented V-OS Virtual Secure Element as the security foundation, V-OS App Protection adds another layer of tamper protection and security enhancements.


Multi-layered Security

Binary code morphing, anti-reverse engineering, trojan detection mechanisms, tamper response mechanisms, secure file IO, secure anti-fraud keyboard.


Application Controls

Limit users on How, When, and Where they use your applications, including enforcing time limits.


Threat Response Policies

Set policies on how apps should react to threats.


Android and iOS Support

Small footprint on mobile platforms.



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V-Key secures UOB Mighty

Slightly over a year into our partnership with UOB, we checked in with Dennis Koh, First Vice President of UOB. He shares with us how V-Key has worked with UOB to secure UOB Mighty; as well as upcoming plans for further enhancing the mobile security experience for UOB’s customers.

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