V-OS Messaging

Banking and government grade secure messaging and communications solution. Secure End-to-End communications.

Stop Social Hacks immediately

SMS Replacement

Encrypted end-to-end messages sent to your device for verification

Supports offline verification to web-based services and documents


Securing Data in Transit
  • Communications cannot be interpreted or decrypted
  • No malicious 3rd party interceptions


Verifying Identity
  • Every message sent is digitally signed by originating party
  • PKI technology ensures end-to-end encryption
  • Parties involved can identify themselves with digital certificates
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V-Key partners Assurity to bring convenient security to Singaporeans

Assurity operates the National Authentication Framework, a Singapore Government project to improve the security of online transactions. Find out how our partnership is helping to make government-grade security convenient and easy to use.

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V-OS Virtual Secure Element
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