V-OS Authentication Management

Current authentication solutions rely heavily on hardware authenticators or OTPs delivered via SMS. Hardware tokens are inconvenient for users, costly for providers, and lacks on-device protection as well as protection against phishing and MITM attacks, while SMS has been officially deprecated by NIST, and is the target of numerous malware and ransomware campaigns proliferating in the wild.

V-OS Authentication Management replaces these 2FA solutions with highly convenient, cost-efficient, and significantly more secure solutions, in addition to fielding the latest in mobile biometric (3FA) technologies.

1FA replacement
  • Passwordless web login using QR code scanning
  • Secure caching of login credentials


2FA Solutions
  • OTP Soft Token (hardware token replacement)
  •  Shadow Auth for automated mobile authentication
  • Push Auth (SMS replacement)


3FA Solutions
  • Biometric eyeprint verification