V-OS Smart Token

V-OS Smart Token is a versatile and highly secure second-factor authentication and authorization solution on mobile devices, an alternative to traditional hardware OTP tokens and OTP generated via SMS.

2FA Solutions

  • OTP Smart Token (hardware token replacement)
  • Seamless Auth for automated mobile authentication
  • Push Auth (SMS OTP replacement)


Security, Simplicity
  • Device-binding
  • Anti-spoofing mechanism
  • Threat-aware, multi-layered in-depth defense
Seamless Developer Integration
  • Transaction signing with PKI technology
  • Flexible integration options with enterprise auth servers
Multi-Factor Authentication Support
  • Designed for easy integration with 3rd party libraries
  • Supports biometrics on any device
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Enabling Asia’s First Fully Digital Bank

Powered by V-Key’s revolutionary V-OS, DBS launched the award-winning digibank service, a fully digital banking experience in India. As a foundational element, V-OS brings security with unprecedented convenience to every mobile phone transaction on digibank.

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