V-OS Trusted Identity Services

Want a convenient yet cost-efficient cloud authentication service? Passwordless One-tap Authentication for Enterprises, 2FA, VPN and more! No more switching of authenticators to verify your identity for different apps.

V-OS Trusted Identity Services, the ONE authenticator to rule them all:

Here are some of the enterprise apps and VPN that we secure:


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Seamless MFA for VPN demo video:


Seamless MFA for Microsoft 365 with QR Code demo video:

Take a look at how V-OS Trusted Identity Services secures other enterprise services like Salesforce in our demo videos.

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Is the V-Key app available on Android and iOS?
What is V-OS Trusted Identity Services?
Absolutely. You may download the app by clicking on the links below here.V-OS Trusted Identity Services is a built-in two-factor authentication (2FA) service that enables enterprises to protect their internal services like VPN and Office 365 easily.
How can I enable my V-OS Trusted Identity Services?
Can V-OS Trusted Identity Services support multiple softwares within the organisation?
You can start by simply signing up for any plans here.Definitely. You can use V-OS Trusted Identity Services for all your authentication needs as it can be configured for different use-cases.
Can I install V-OS Trusted Identity Services on the enterprise’s on-premise environment?
Onboarding and add new users?
Yes, V-OS Trusted Identity Services provides gateway connectors that can be installed and deployed in the enterprise’s internal network that can be connected to V-OS Trusted Identity Services to provide solutions in both hybrid or single-point mode.Easily scalable to your organization’s needs, from one to infinity! It is easy for users to onboard to our authenticator.


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Are free authenticators really free?

A breakdown of V-Key’s V-OS Trusted Identity Services versus free authenticators. A peace of mind shouldn’t cost you your privacy, neither should it cost a bomb.

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