V-OS Virtual Secure Element

V-OS is V-Key’s core patented technology: a virtual secure element. It is a secure sandbox that is embedded within a native iOS or Android mobile app, and creates a safe operating environment where data can be stored and cryptographic processes can be executed in isolation from the rest of the mobile app.

V-OS In a Nutshell | V-Key Explainer Video

In this video, we take a step back to introduce and explain the core of our technology: V-OS. With V-OS as the security foundation of your mobile application, your organization can build a wide range of solutions that are secure, trusted and scalable, and customized to your business needs.


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Features and Specifications

Tamper-Resistant Design
  • Layered tamper detection and response mechanisms
Certified Cryptography
  • Patented cryptographic virtual machine
  • FIPS 140-2 Level 1 and Common Criteria EAL3+
Eradicate Costly Hardware Dependency
  • Minimizes total costs of ownership
  • Faster market penetration with effortless over-the-air deployment
Seamless Developer Integration
  • Flexible and extensible SDK framework



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