How to survive a hacking attack?

V-Key RASP whitepaper

There are some aspects of mobile apps that make RASP for Mobile Apps different from RASP in general. We first describe RASP in general, and then zoom in to RASP for Mobile Apps. In this whitepaper, we deep dive about RASP for mobile apps and V-Key’s V-RASP, V-RASP+ and V-RASP++, a mobile-first solution specifically designed for mobile app protection.

App Protection Guide

With mobile being the future of everything, most companies seek to digitalise their offerings to end-users in order to ride the tides of the ongoing digital trend. And while most businesses and institutions have taken the step towards digitalisation on mobile, cyber threats on mobile devices are still very prevalent.

Sim Swap Fraud

SIM swap scam (also known as SIM jacking, SIM splitting, or Port-Out scam) is a type of account takeover fraud that exploits the weakness in conventional methods of two-factor authentication/verification. More often than not, this attack is used for applications that require an OTP verification to be verified via an SMS text or via a call by the end-user.


Application Hooking

Hooking is a term for a range of code modification/tampering techniques that are used to change the behaviour of the original code running sequence by inserting instructions into the code segment at runtime.

Find out from this whitepaper why it is critical to understand the process of a hooking attack and how you can mitigate such attacks on your mobile device.