Singapore takes bold strides in Fintech journey

Boosting collaboration will help build vibrant ecosystem where innovation will drive economy

The inaugural Singapore Fintech Festival this week is being pitched as a “festival of innovation”, where financial institutions, start-ups and investors can explore collaboration.

The event also underlines efforts by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and industry players here to establish a thriving financial technology (fintech) hub that will pulsate at the heart of Singapore’s digital economy.

“We hope to make connections between start-ups here and foreign investors, or innovations elsewhere and banks based in Singapore. When we have 8,000 participants from over 50 countries, we can create multiple networks to build a vibrant ecosystem,” MAS managing director Ravi Menon told media ahead of the festival.

“This is also a celebration of innovation – where we put together creative ideas to solve real-world problems. Not all of them will work, but that spirit of trying is what we need to see.”

The Fintech Festival, which will run from today to Friday, comes at a time when Singapore is envisioning an economic future driven by technology and innovation.

Across the financial industry, the first wave of changes is already happening, with banking, capital markets, insurance and asset management being pinpointed by the MAS as areas for transformation.

“Within banking, we started with payments and have set out an electronic payment vision to reduce the use of cash and cheques. This is the fundamental building block,” Mr Menon said.

‘Mr Benjamin Mah, who is chief executive and co-founder of mobile payment security firm V-Key, also sees huge potential for the industry to maximise consumer value in the payment space.

“One way is by offering customised payment solutions based on the user’s financial history and transaction patterns. Another is by having a sturdy and seamless payment ecosystem that will meet end-to-end payment needs, at a fraction of the price charged by traditional banks,” he said.

‘Insurance-related fintech is another area worth looking at, said NTUC Income chief Ken Ng. “It is an opportune time for insurers to accelerate new ideas that allow greater accessibility to and a better experience with insurance.”

“Income is keen to co-innovate with start-ups to have them bring about new solutions that add value for customers and help us access new market segments,” he added, pointing to NTUC Income’s Future Starter accelerator programme as part of the outreach.

As the fintech transformation picks up momentum across the industry, the MAS will ensure a balanced regulatory approach.

“We can afford to see small experiments fail, but we must not allow systemic failures to happen… Protecting customer information, keeping the system clean, preventing illicit finance – these fundamentals remain,” Mr Menon stressed.

Meanwhile, plenty more can be done – from encouraging a stronger entrepreneurial spirit to developing the hard skills required to bring the complex sciences of fintech programming to end-users.

“We need more talent. This is in fact the biggest of our challenges. It’s not regulation, not even funding. It’s talent. We need to invest in education… to equip students with the skills that the market is looking for,” Mr Menon said.

“The total number of jobs in the financial industry could well shrink, but there will be other new ones. Cyber security is one area, risk management and compliance another. We will also need strong design skills that can combine with the hard sciences and analytics to produce good user interfaces.”

NTUC Income’s Mr Ng agreed: “For the ecosystem to thrive, there needs to be a talent pool to support its expansion, as well as mentors to provide insight and guidance on growth for start-ups. At the same time, companies here have to be open to collaborations with fintech start-ups to grow the innovation space.”

It is also essential that Singapore fintech companies and initiatives can expand across the region, said Dr Steven Fang, who is chief executive of CapBridge, an online platform that helps companies raise capital from a global pool of institutional and accredited investors.

Such expansion can be achieved through forming both private and public partnerships with other countries in the region to build up Singapore’s fintech ecosystem, he said.

“Our prospects look very bright, given Singapore’s heritage and reputation as a financial hub and our links to regional economies. We are already in a strong position to build products that have regional relevance,” he added.

Mr Mah at V-Key believes Singapore is an ideal pilot test site for fintech innovations, noting that “it must continuously strive towards extending digital collaboration with the rest of the world”.


Other news:
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V-Key announced today the launch of a global Digital Trust Platform that allows businesses to deliver new and trusted digital solutions more effectively to their customers through it.

The Digital Trust Platform provides a security foundation on which companies can build a range of Digital Identity services for Mobile and IoT devices with the same security foundation that V-Key delivers today for banking and government customers.

V-Key and Scytáles Enter Strategic Partnership

V-Key announces a strategic collaboration partnership with Scytáles based on their diverse but complementary capabilities within mobile authentication and validation of an individual’s digital identity.

Both companies are worldwide recognized technology leaders and frontrunners respectively with pioneering products and services enabling the highest standards of mobile identity security that will serve as a backbone in an increasingly interconnected digital economy.

V-Key extends IDaaS offerings in APAC with Ingram Micro Cloud Agreement

V-Key launches its V-OS Trusted Identity Services in world’s largest Cloud marketplace, offering Enterprise-grade security to everyone.

V-Key announced an agreement with Ingram Micro Cloud, to roll out its internationally acclaimed V-OS Solution progressively in seven Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace across Asia Pacific. V-OS Trusted Identity Services refer to the Cloud-based Identity as a Service (IDaaS) offerings for mobile security and Authentication technologies. Until recently, these solution have traditionally been offered as on-premise solutions for large enterprises, and this collaboration hopes to enable SMEs to seamlessly deploy Enterprise-grade security to protect Digital Identity.

Crunchfish and V-key enter Marketing and Technical Partnership Agreement to facilitate Offline Wallets

Crunchfish AB (“Crunchfish”) announces today that the company has entered into a Marketing & Technical Partnership Agreement with V-Key Pte Ltd (“V-Key”) regarding identifying and developing joint offerings of each party’s software product in relation to Crunchfish’s patent pending Offline Wallet. 

World’s First Virtual Secure Element V-OS obtains Common Criteria EAL3+ on iOS and Android.

V-Key is proud to announce that our V-OS is the world’s first Virtual Secure Element to obtain Common Criteria EAL3+ certification on iOS and Android.​

V-Key announced that V-OS, V-Key’s core patented technology, is the world’s first virtual secure element to receive a Common Criteria Evaluation Assurance Level (EAL) rating of 3+, derived from the U.S. Government’s Protection Profile for General Purpose Operating Systems.

TONIK chooses V-Key as the Mobile Security Partner for its Digital Bank in the Philippines

TONIK chooses V-Key’s V-OS App Protection on V-OS Cloud to secure their first pure-play Digital Bank in the Philippines

V-Key Collaborates With SGTech and IMDA For COVID-19 Support

COVID-19 has pushed the majority of the world’s workforce to exercise the largest work-from-home movement.

Local deep-tech SME, V-Key, participates in an initiative led by SGTech and jointly with IMDA to provide secure 2FA Cloud authentication solutions.

V-Key Business Continuity Plan Commitment

With COVID-19 on the minds of many, we want to take a moment to personally update you on the steps we are taking at V-Key to ensure the continuity of our business and support functions of our customers. 

Ingram Micro Honours V-Key as Leading ISV

Following the Ingram Micro Comet Competition ASEAN & HK region where V-Key partook and emerged winner, Ingram Micro honoured V-Key as leading ISV.


V-Key Technology Partner for Razer Fintech

Razer Fintech’s digital bank will be the first global youth bank, namely, the Razer Youth Bank for youth and millennials. Along with the bid, V-Key was announced as one of Razer Fintech’s technology partner.

V-Key awarded GATES Gold Special Award for Innovative Solutions for Vendor

Today as GATES ICT Channel Summit comes to an end, V-Key was crowned GATES Gold Special Award for Innovative Solutions for Vendor by live voting.

V-Key – Winner of Ingram Micro Comet Competition ASEAN & HK region 2019

Competing alongside 14 other innovative companies in the competition, V-Key emerged Winner of the Ingram Micro Comet Competition ASEAN & HK region, walking away with $100,000 in GTM funding. Amongst the other runner ups were Arcstone, DataMesh and Taiger.

Deputy Prime Minister of Singapore, Mr. Heng Swee Keat Visits V-Key

On 26th July, V-Key had the privilege of hosting the Deputy Prime Minister of Singapore, Mr Heng Swee Keat, and a group of esteemed guests in our Singapore headquarters.

The Straits Times and Statista recognises V-Key as Singapore’s 3rd Fastest Growing Company

V-Key, a leading provider of internationally-acclaimed digital security solutions, was named as one of the top 3 firms in the inaugural “Fastest Growing Companies in Singapore” conducted by The Straits Times and Statista.

Razer Pay and V-Key announce strategic partnership to boost digital security

Razer Pay and V-Key inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to foster strategic collaboration over digital identity and e-payments.

Paidy selects V-Key to secure its App-based instant post-pay credit service for Japanese Consumers

As Paidy, a Japanese payments company providing instant post-pay credit service expands their payment offerings and merchant touchpoints, they recognized the need for a fast and seamless payment experience. V-Key’s pioneering mobile security technology gives the Paidy team the confidence that they are future-proofing their mobile strategy and ensuring the integrity of their consumers’ data.

Joint technologies of LiveBank’s virtual branch and V-Key’s security and biometrics, to hit the banking industry

A partnership agreement just signed between V-Key, with its patented Virtual Secure Element, and Ailleron, the owner of LiveBank, which offers cutting-edge technologies, will bring a new dimension to digital bank onboarding worldwide.

Assurity Partners V-Key For New Mobile Software Authentication Solution

V-Key partners Assurity to bring convenience to security

The Nilson Report: Software “Chip” to secure mobile payment
V-Key Partners with Ant Financial To Secure Mobile Payments

Singapore-based V-Key works with global payments and e-commerce companies, banking and financial institutions and government bodies to protect the personal and financial data of their mobile customers.

Building a pipeline of talent through Partnerships

Continuous partnerships with institutes of higher learning give V-Key Pte Ltd easy access to talent for future growth

V-Key receives Accreditation boost from IDA

Mobile security company V-Key is among the first few innovative tech product companies to receive accreditation from IDA.


Mobile Security a growing market

Security companies are trying to keep pace with the rapid evolution of mobile devices. Recent incidents of cyber attacks and breaches have raised awareness of the need to enhance security. Industry players have said this presents an opportunity for them to step up and offer solutions.


What is the key to building a Fort Knox for the Mobile Payment space?

Benjamin Mah, Co-founder and CEO of mobile security startup V-Key, believes that virtualising robust physical security systems is the answer.


V-Key Mobile Security solutions accredited by Singapore Government

V-Key, pioneer and inventor of mobile Virtual Secure Element has been accredited by the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) under the Accreditation@IDA programme, certifying V-Key’s V-OS Virtual Secure Element and V-Guard Mobile Application Protection solutions.


ChinaPnR and V-Key Strategic Alliance: Securing more than One million merchants in China

Leading financial payment provider China Payment and Remittance Service Co., Ltd. (“ChinaPnR”) formed a strategic partnership with international pioneer in mobile security and cryptographic technology, V-Key Inc. (“V-Key”).


V-Key receives US$12M in Series B Funding from Ant Financial Services group investment

Ant Financial Services Group (Ant Financial), operating company of Alipay, and existing investor venture capital firm, IPV Capital, make a USD12 million Series B investment for a minority stake in V-Key.

V-Key Inc selected as Innotribe Startup Finalist

V-Key selected as a finalist at the SWIFT Innotribe Startup Challenge Regional Showcase to compete at Sibos 2013 in Dubai.


V-Key’s executive team expands with addition of cybersecurity veteran Tony Chew as Chief Security Architect

V-Key, a global leader in software-based digital security, today announced the appointment of Tony Chew to the position of Chief Security Architect.  Tony will spearhead V-Key’s engagement with banking regulators and financial institutions in Asia.


V-Key secures US$4 Million Series A Funding from IPV Capital

V-Key Inc. secures Series A funding of US$4 million from IPV Capital, a leading early growth venture capital fund based in China with global offices in Shanghai, Beijing and Silicon Valley.