Our Support Management

Michael Tan Sun Sing, VP Product Engineering

In most industry practice, delivering an IT system is methodological (Waterfall, IBM RUP, Agile and etc.) and can be very complex depending on its domain. However, supporting a developing solution to a delivered IT system is paramount to V-Key as it will ensure peace of mind to our customers on the quality products we offered.  As such, V-Key has developed comprehensive support processes and procedures based on best practices taken from past experiences and ITIL guidelines, to ensure a successful journey with our customers. More on how V-Key delivers our product to our customers can be read here

V-Key’s support comes in many forms and will take place at different stages of any life cycle which our customers adopt.


Below are some of the types of support which we offer:


Easy to use:

Besides the usual classroom training and detailed documentations provided, we focus on developing a simple to use SDK from the start. Even API names are given additional thought to ensure that developers know how to use them simply by looking at the API’s name.


Technical and non-technical Service desk:


As with any technical integration, doubts will arise and urgent clarification may be required from time to time. V-Key wants all our customers to succeed hence we ensure that there will be someone to assist you with your query. If you need more support, we provide in-house experts to address the necessary needs (e.g. fine-tuning security profile to meet business requirement and better customer experience)


Service Level Agreements (SLA):


SLAs will vary from project to project. To ensure SLA’s are met, V-Key’s experienced Support Managers monitor the issues closely and work with our Support Engineers to resolve any issues that are logged into our ticketing system. Customers are kept informed of the status of the issue that they have logged in real time. Depending on the customer’s needs and the issues at hand, our Support Manager may propose regular meetings to keep all stakeholders informed.


Escalation support:


The working group may have their differences and there will be times where it needs to be escalated for arbitration. For every customer we have established proper escalation channels to ensure no issues are left unresolved.


Professional support:


Professional service departments are always ready to support our potential customers / customers on any technical know-how, deployments and upgrades. They are well equipped with technical expertise on a wide range of industry tools and environments.