Deployed by top banks, mobile payment providers, and governments globally, V-OS is the world’s first virtual secure element.

Developed by V-Key using a patented cryptographic virtual machine integrated with tamper protections, V-Key is able to provide a complete mobile application security for any mobile application with V-OS as a strong base.

Our solutions allow businesses to roll out cloud-based payments, trusted authentication for mobile banking, and other secured mobile applications for user data protection without the need to use any form of hardware secure elements. After all, software security is the new hardware.

Using FIPS 140-2 certified algorithms for cryptographic assurance, our solutions have been accredited and accepted by multiple government agencies and regulatory bodies globally.

The hardened V-OS virtual machine has been proven in multiple penetration tests to be able to withstand many classes of hacking attacks that are rarely protected against – challenging security standards previously held by hardware tokens. This allows our customers to easily comply with stringent regulatory requirements and other security requirements of cloud-based payments and mobile transactions.

We believe that software security is the new hardware. This is why V-OS has been architected and developed like a hardware encryptor in order to provide military-grade protection for your mobile application.

Traditional tamper-protection relies on techniques such as code obfuscation, whitebox cryptography, and anti-tampering / anti-debugging mechanisms. V-Key tightly integrates these best-of-breed techniques into the V-OS virtual machine in a groundbreaking manner in order to create a reinforcing system of protection.

Many penetration tests repeatedly showed V-Key’s solutions to be more effective than any other competitive product in the market.

"V-Key’s all-in-one virtual secure element technology is in line with Alipay’s commitment to creating a safer, more convenient global transaction environment.” – Jason Zhu, Head of the Alipay investment team.

V-Key’s solution helps ensure “a 360-degree comprehensive protection for end-users’ information.” – Patrick Lin, CIO of ChinaPnR

“The Smart Nation of tomorrow will be increasingly connected and interwoven through mobile devices and applications. Hence, mobile security will be ever more critical as users share sensitive information and transactions on their mobile devices. Companies like V-Key play an important role in assuring users that such information and transactions are secure.” – Edwin Low, Director, Accreditation@IDA.