#Trust Simplified Explainer Video Series

Welcome to our Series of Explainer Videos entitled #TrustSimplified where we aim to simplify our technology and business value into 5 bite-sized videos.


VIDEO 1: The V-OS Mobile Banking Experience

In our first video – The V-OS mobile banking experience – we challenge the notion that mobile transactions have to be either inconvenient or insecure to Authenticate Digital Identity. Watch the video to find out more about a better alternative to inconvenient hardware tokens or SMS One-Time Passwords, and how V-Key is helping banks focus on Seamless User Authentication while maintaining the highest levels of Security.


VIDEO 2: The Mobile Security Foundation

In this clip titled – V-Key: The Mobile Security Foundation – we show the various possibilities that can be brought to mobile devices once the VOS trust platform is established. V-Key’s patented V-OS solves many business challenges through a growing number of use-cases across 7 key market segments – from Banking to IoT.


VIDEO 3: Securing Your Digital Journey

In our third video titled – Securing Your Digital Journey – we illustrate how our solution enable enterprises, governments and banks to strengthen the trust between their systems, consumers, and employees.

Traditional security solutions have not evolved fast enough, and V-OS serves to give the quality assurance for a more secure and seamless digital experience.


VIDEO 4: V-OS in a Nutshell

Our fourth video titled – V-OS in a nutshell – takes a step back to introduce and explain the core of our technology: V-OS. With V-OS as the security foundation of your mobile application, your organization can build a wide range of solutions that are secure, trusted and scalable, and customized to your business needs.

Video 5: V-OS Cloud

In our next video – V-OS Cloud – we illustrate how our corporate cloud offering serves to provide secure access to VPN connections and Office365. In times where remote working is needed, corporate services can be easily activated and secured with V-OS Cloud.


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